Compex Electrode Pad Placement Chart

A visual guide to the Compex Electrode Pad Placement Chart. Learn proper placement of Compex electrode pads for muscle stimulation of the major muscle groups, including triceps, biceps, abdominal muscles, calf muscles, hamstrings, lower back muscles and more. Learn more about Compex with…


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  1. ajschooler6 says:

    Wow this looks really simple! This is even better than the electrode pad placement chart, it shows you just where to place the Compex electrodes for proper muscle stimulation.

  2. 2baseballfandingo says:

    Perfect, this video looks so much easier than the electrode pad placement chart and it tells you everything you need to know about the Compex electrodes and muscle stimulation.

  3. timmyvulmer says:

    This video is great, you dont even need to consult the electrode pad placement chart, just place the Compex electrodes in the right place according to the video and begin the muscle stimulation process.

  4. kelkp63 says:

    I’m gonna start using the Compex for muscle stimulation. Now I’ll know the proper placement of the Compex electrodes without having to reference the electrode pad placement chart.

  5. kelkp63 says:

    Thank you for this video, it helped so much with electrode placement! I bought the Compex for muscle stimulation and followed the electrode pad placement chart but this visual made my life SO much easier.

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